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Did you know that every part of your old windows can be recycled and manufactured into new products?

Your old sealed units can be remade into Fibreglass. Ground glass can be incorparated into glassphalt, a glass and asphalt blend, or stirred into the reflective yellow and white paint used on the British roads today. There are also many more purposes to recycable glass.

Considering that the average PVC-U window has a lifespan of around 30 to 40 years and can be recycled upto ten times-we are effectively helping create windows with a 350 year lifespan! which in turn can be used to manufacture multple products.

What this does is adds value to your old, broken windows which are installed in your home, this in turn allows DONMAC Solutions to offer you money back for your old windows regardless of age or condition as part of an upgrade for new, energy efficient windows.

Reports suggest that our home energy prices are guaranteed to inflate until 2022 Nationally. Because of this, Sources suggest that the council are currently installing energy efficient windows for FREE! However, they are only installing windows on their own, council properties. However, If you own your own home there is no government funding available to enable you to upgrade your old windows to new, energy efficient ones.

We now offer you the opportunity to be part of "The go green " scheme, which allows you to cash in on those old, condensated, non energy efficient windows whilst at the same time supporting your local charities. Contact us today to see if you qualify.


Go Green Vision

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